Discover Your Dosha

All services are personalised according to your Ayurvedic Body Type. Our bio energiesotherwise known as Doshas are unique blends of physical, emotional and mental characteristics.


Abhyanga (Warm Oil Bodywork)

Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic long-stroke technique that involves massage of the body with Dosha-specific warm oil to stimulate blood flow and calms the busy mind.


  • Improves blood circulation throughout body

  • Provides rich lubrication for joints, reducing pain and inflammation

  • Eliminates toxins and impurities from body


Relax & Balance

Ayurvedic Body Scrub

A combination of natural skin food for a head-to-toe exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. This treatment balances the doshas and excellent for harmonizing stressed skin.


  • Deep cleansing for soft and healthy skin

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body

  • Stimulates multiple senses and improves mood


Rejuvenate & Uplift

Kati Vasti

Warm medicated oil is poured into a ring dough during the procedure of Kati Vasti. This treatment relieves pain around stiff muscles on the upper/lower back and enhances blood circulation.


  • All-natural treatment to alleviate back pain

  • Builds and strengthens back muscles

  • Increases circulation in upper or lower back region & highly effective for inflammatory conditions


Restore & Heal