Abhyanga (Warm Oil Massage)

$90 | $120

A form of Ayurvedic long-stroke technique that involves oil application on the body with dosha-specific warm oil to stimulate blood flow and calms the busy mind.​


60 min & 90 min session available

Abhyanga with Kati Vasti (Back Treatment)


The popular Ayurvedic back treatment—Kati Vasti—helps to relieve pain and fatigue on the upper/lower back. Warm dosha-specific oil is poured into a ring dough, placed on the lumbosacral area to release tension around the tight muscles. This treatment is paired with a relaxing 70 min Abhyanga.

90 min

Abhyanga with Body Scrub


This rejuvenating session is a combination of 70 min warm oil massage and 20 min refreshing body scrub. Application of natural skin food for a head-to-toe exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Some benefits include balancing the doshas and stimulating multiple senses to uplift mood.

90 min

The Ananda


Two hours of heart opening voyage with relaxing warm oil massage that focuses on tension areas using long flowing strokes, paired with fatigue relieving Kati Vasti (Back Treatment). Finally, pamper your body with the ultimate treat of a refreshing body scrub for a head-to-toe exfoliation. Duration breakdown: 70 min massage, 30 min Kati Vasti, 20 min body scrub.

120 min

~ All first-timers will begin with a 10-min discovery of your dosha constitution.

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